Camping at Willow Cove, Near Avalon

Willow Cove is the closest of the boat in campsites to the main town of Avalon. It is a popular location for residents of Avalon, who often hike there for picnics, for some quiet beach time, and to get away from the main thrust of the tourism which is always “in your face” back in town.

By kayak or dinghy from Avalon, it’s about a 1 hour trip (1 1/4 miles), so if you are planning to set out later in the day, it’s a good first stop. At night, you will be the only camping group at the site.

The beach is mainly cobblestones with some sand in the summer, good for swimming, and quite private (only one campsite) unless you hit it when another group has hiked there from town. There is hiking in the steep hills behind the beach.

Willow Cove Campsites

There is just one campsite at Willow Cove. There is a picnic table, and flat areas for 2 or more tents. Capacity: 8 campers (one group).

Here is the view in the opposite direction (looking west) as in the picture shown above.

Video: Kayaking to Willow Cove

This is about the least informative video for Willow Cove, but it’s all i got! I’m publishing as part of a desperate plea to anyone who has a better one… so if you have a better one – please send it over!

Willow Cove Camping Map

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