Visit the Seal Lions at “Seal Rock”

Seal rock, located at Catalina’s east end, is where you’ll find seals and sea lions in abundance every year during he summer months. Sea Lions are migratory mammals, returning each year to Seal Rocks to rear their young, feed, and sunbathe. Their naturally playful and their cartoon-like movements are comical to watch. Males can reach up to 1000lbs. You’ll see lots of seal pups at Seal Rocks, and be entertained as they frolic and play on the beach.

As with just about all of the professionally run tours on Catalina Island, tour guides are knowledgeable and make the trip fun and educational. The tour takes just under an hour, and along the way you should keep your eyes open for bald eagles (it’s not uncommon to see one dive and snatch up a fish), dolphins, and other marine mammals.

There is a Bald Eagle nesting project at the east end of the island right near Seal Rock, so it’s a great place to spot bald eagles.

Seal Rocks Tour Operators

Catalina Adventure Tours

Catalina Adventure Tours offers a one hour (approx.) tour to Seal Rocks. Along the way, the captain will explain the geology of the island, while you keep eyes peeled for bald eagles and dolphins. You can book online, or at the Catalina Adventure Tours kiosk at the boat landing.

Seal Rock Explorer Tour: Adults: $18, Seniors: $16.50, Children: $14.

Add sales tax and 7% Harbor Use Fee for boat trips to these prices. You can save 10-20% by bundling your Seal Rocks tour with another tour, like the walking tour of Avalon, or the glass bottom boat tour etc. Present your AAA membership card for a discount.

For more information and reservations visit or call (877) 510 2888.

Discovery Tours

Discovery Tours takes you to Seal Rocks aboard the fully restored 64ft Blanche W, an open deck passenger boat built in 1924, specifically for touring the Catalina coastline, and named after William Wrigley’s granddaughter. The Blanche W. is that same boat that has been taking people on the famous flying fish tour since the 1920′s.

Seal Rocks Cruise: Adults: $18.50, Seniors $16.75, Children $13.75. This cruise is seasonal. If you want to book another time for your group, call (310) 510 TOUR. Seal Rocks Cruise departs daily at 2:30pm.

Prices above do not include sales tax or the 7% Harbor Use Fee for Boat Trips.

Discovery Tours is located at 1 Island Plaza, Avalon, CA 90704. For more information and reservations visit or call (310) 510 TOUR.

Video: Seal Rock Tour Video by Discovery Tours