Two Harbors Campground

Two Harbors campground is easily one of the most beautiful places to camp on Catalina Island. It is a full service campground just a short walk from the town of Two Harbors, right at Catalina Islands Isthmus. So, you’ll have access to restaurants, the local watering hole, shops, and rental places for kayaking, snorkeling, diving, fishing, and so on. Far from the tourist driven town of Avalon, Two Harbors campground is quiet and serene with beautiful views from the campsites, making it the perfect getaway camping trip location, without having to hike for miles on end, or be too far away from amenities.

Families and quiet types be warned!!!! If you’re looking for peace and quiet, you should know that it can be pretty loud at night here. Especially weekends, spring break, and other off-times for college kids, the partying can last well into the early hours of the morning. There is a bar in town that stays open until 2am, so party people returning to their campsites can easily wake you up. Other campers often complain about noise, broken bottles, and the rangers seem to do little about it. It just kind of goes with the territory. That being said, if you plan your visit away from these times, you can have a very enjoyable stay.

Two Harbors Campsites and Tent Cabins

The campground is made up of 42 individual campsites, and three group campsites. It is one of the two places to camp on Catalina island that offers full size tent cabins for rent (the other is Hermit Gulch campground in Avalon). The tent cabins are quite large and can sleep up to six people comfortably. Included with the tent cabin you get: six cots suitable for adults, a propane camp stove, lantern, picnic table, barbecue, fire ring, and sunshade. So, you get just about everything you’ll need to enjoy your stay even if you don’t have a garage full of camping equipment of your own. Please note: tent cabins are available from April-October only.

Two Harbors Campground Facilities

Two Harbors campground is far from “roughing it” in our opinion. Facilities are pretty decent, and your campsite fee gets you access to hot showers, fresh water, chemical toilets, and lockers for your valuables. Although Catalina is generally a very safe place to visit, we recommend locking up anything you don’t want to lose, just as you would anywhere in the world when traveling. Each campsite has a barbecue, picnic table, and sunshade for preparing and eating your meals comfortably.

Park rangers are available during daylight hours to rent camping gear, and sell fire logs, propane, and charcoal. You can rent four person tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads.

Directions to Two Harbors Campground

Two Harbors campground is easily accessible once you arrive in Two Harbors. There are a few ways you can get there. You can take a ferry to Two Harbors directly from the mainland. Catalina Express does the trip in 90 minutes departing from San Pedro. The Marina Del Rey Flyer also makes the trip daily departing from Marina Del Rey. If you plan to arrive in Avalon, spend a day, and then go there, you can hire a water taxi to get you there. Hikers can do the 9 mile hike from Avalon, which is fairly strenuous, but offers some beautiful views and a chance to see wildlife, and is easily doable in a day.

Once in Two Harbors, you must first check in at Two Harbors Visitors Services, which is located right behind the pier in a small building. Once you’ve paid your campground fees, you can hike the 1/4 mile to the campsites or take the Safari Bus.

Two Harbors Campground Prices and Reservations

Prices vary depending on the season, during mid-week and on weekends. Also, if you book over the phone, you’ll pay a $15 booking administration fee. Call (310) 510 8368 for reservations. For groups of 20 or more, call Call (310) 510 8368 ext. 1414. Please remember to book in advance, and don’t count on showing up on the day – this campground does fill up – especially at peak travel times.

Summer Prices: 6/12 through 9/5

Mid-week adults pay $15.00/ea and children pay $8.00/ea Weekends adults pay $17.00/ea and children pay $9.00/ea. Tent cabin rentals mid-week are $50.00/night and $55.00/night on weekends.

Winter Prices: 1/1 through 3/11 and 10/16 through 3/10

Mid-week adults pay $12.00/ea and children pay $6.00/ea Weekends adults pay $12.00/ea and children pay $6.00/ea. Tent cabin rentals mid-week are $45.00/night and $45.00/night on weekends.

Spring Prices: 3/12 through 6/11 and 9/6 through 10/15

Mid-week adults pay $13.00/ea and children pay $7.00/ea Weekends adults pay $15.00/ea and children pay $8.00/ea. Tent cabin rentals mid-week are $45.00/night and $50.00/night on weekends.

Two Harbors Campground Contact

Two Harbors Campground is located at P.O. Box 5086, Two Harbors, CA 90704. Call (310) 510 4251 or Fax (310) 510 0244. For more information and reservations visit or call (310) 510 TENT.

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