Rippers Cove Camping (A+ Snorkeling!)

You always hear that the most beautiful part of Catalina Island is underwater, and this is certainly true at Ripper’s Cove. The west side of the protected harbor has a wonderful reef for snorkeling and is part of what make this locations such a gem. In the picture above a Spanish Shawl is featured, one of the many colorful sea creatures that can be seen here on a regular basis.

Rippers cove offers excellent anchorage, and is well protected from rough seas. It is recommended that you use a bow line and a stern line and carry and extra anchor. Several boats can anchor here safely.

Rippers Cove Campsites

There are three campsites here, A, B, and C, and they are not all created equal!

Ripper’s Cove Campsite A

Campsite A is furthest east, or closest to Avalon, whatever you prefer. It has the best sandy beach of the three, but you need to check your tide tables – at a 5.8ft high tide, it’s basically underwater! So, there is no picnic table here for obvious reasons. No shade from the sun at this campsite. Capacity: 8 campers.

Ripper’s Cove Campsite B

Right in the middle, campsite B does have a picnic table, which means that no – you will not wake up with waves crashing against you tent flap! There are some large pine trees here that offer the only shade at the location, so it’s a decent choice for that reason alone. Capacity: 4 campers.

Ripper’s Cove Campsite C

Campsite C is closest to Two Harbors, or furthest west of the three. It is the closest to the reef for snorkeling. No shade from the sun at this campsite. Capacity: 6 campers.

Rippers Cove Camping Map

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