Parasailing Catalina Island

Parasailing is easy and fun for all ages, requires no skill, and is a thrill ride for anyone who wants to take up the challenge. Once clear of Avalon Harbor, your are slowly launched from the deck of the boat and your tether is extended until you reach 600′ in height above the ocean surface. Typically, you get about 7-10 minutes of hang-time in the air. Views of the island, mainland, and out over the Pacific are really quite stunning, and it’s something you won’t soon forget. When the ride is over, the line is pulled in and you land gently on the deck of the boat.

Parasailing in Catalina Island is easy and fun. You can book in advance or take your chances once on the island. There are two parasailing tour operators in town, and really either is a safe choice with thousands of flights under their belts. Ask about single, tandem, and flying three at a time side-by-side! Wanna go higher? upgrade to an 800′ foot flight.

There are a few restrictions you should consider before you book your parasail adventure. maximum weight restriction is 450lbs. Minimum weight is 150lbs (kids can fly two at a time). Pregnant women are not permitted to fly. Kids must be at least 6yrs old to fly. Ocean conditions will also determine min and max weight for riders.

Catalina Island Parasailing Tour Operators

Island Water Charters

Fly solo, tandem, or three at a time! Island Water Charters have two parasailing boats, a 35 footer capapble of taking up to 15 passengers, and a 31 footer that can take 12 passengers. Prices are determined by height, so for example, you choose the standard 800′ flight, expect to pay $65/person. For the 800′ flight, pay $79/person. If anyone in your party wants to come along for the ride but not sail, they charge $20/person. They also offer a photo package upgrade if you’re interested for $20, and will take photos of your adventure which will be given to you on a 256mb SD card at the end of your trip.

Catalina Parasailing tours operate daily during the summer from 8am-6pm. Spring and Fall hours are 9am-5pm, Saturday-Tuesday. Winter hours are Saturday, Tuesday, and Sunday 9am-5pm. You can always call in advance and book any day of the week, even in the off-season.

So, this tour outfit boasts two Coast Guard inspected vessels, all new parasailing equipment and support gear, and they are certified PAPO members. This means that they adhere to strict safety guidelines as defined by PAPO (Professional Association of Parasail Operators). Visit the PAPO Official Website for more information. They also offer snorkeling and sightseeing tours. Located at 20 Avalon Pleasure Pier, visit Island Water Charters for more information and to book online. Call (310) 510 9280 for more information or reservations.

Catalina Tours

Reach heights of up to 600 feet! Catalina Tours operate parasailing excursions year-round (see hour of operation below). Prices are $65/person. Non-flyers may come for the ride for $20/person.

Parasailing is offered year-round at set departure times. Summer hours: June 16-September 15 from Wednesday to Monday at 9:30am, 10:30am, 11:30am, 12:30am, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, and 4:00pm. Winter hours: September 16-June 15 every Wednesday–Monday at 11:30am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, and 3:00pm.

Catalina Tours ticket booth is easy to find. After disembarking the ferry, walk towards town. On your left, you will see a volleyball court and just past that, a sign for “Catalina Ocean Rafting”. They sell tickets for all of our tours, so you can book your ride right there at their office. Visit for more information and to book online. Located at 103 Pebbly Beach Road. Call (310) 510 0211 or (800) 990 7238.

Catalina Island Parasailing Coupons

When you spend $100 or more with Catalina Tours, you will receive discount coupons that can be redeemed at some of Catalina’s best restaurants, stores, and boutiques. The coupon pack is actually pretty decent, and can save you a few pennies on your trip to Catalina Island. There are currently no promotional coupons for discounted parasailing rides, so this is the best way to save a few bucks.

Catalina Parasailing Video

Check out this video to get an idea of what to expect.. Its a bit bumpy at the beginning, but gets better!