Paradise Cove Camping

Paradise Cove is the next cove east from Ripper’s Cove as you travel towards Avalon from Two Harbors. It is very private – allowing for just one group or campers. If it is privacy you are after – here is a great spot!

The beach is sheltered under a protective rocky bluff, out of the wind on three sides. The beach is sand mixed with cobblestones and tumbled-smooth lava rocks of various colors. Closer to the waters edge it is mostly sand.

Snorkeling and diving are possible here, as well as hiking if you bring adequate footwear. As with all the remote boat in campsites on Catalina Island – watch for rattlesnakes.

***I apologize for the ultra-crap picture! It’s the only one I could get my hands on. You can kind of see a tent and some activity on the beach.. lol! Send me a nice pic if you take one while you’re there! -Ed.

Paradise Cove Campsites

There is room for just one group of campers here. At the campsite on the beach, you can fit two tents. It’s a perfect setup for families allowing space for one tent for parents, the other for the kids. No picnic tables here. As with all the boat in campsites, there is no fresh water, toilets, showers, or sunshades. Capacity: 6 campers.

Paradise Cove Camping Map

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