Camping at Goat Harbor (Great Diving)

Goat Harbor Marks the halfway point (roughly) between Avalon and Two Harbors. If you kayak in from Avalon, you’ll pass Twin Rocks and the Catalina Mooring Project Buoy. The Mooring Project Buoy is a research project working finding ways to protect the ocean floor from damage by anchors at popular dive locations. So, don’t tie to it! Keep Going!

Goat Harbor beach is entirely made up of semi-flat golf ball sized cobblestones, with a nice flat area above the high tide mark for camping. Swimming and snorkeling is good here, but divers seem to love this place  (check out the video below to find out why). The ocean bottom just offshore offers a gently sloping reef that supports all kinds of marine life, making it a popular dive spot for tour operators.

Goat Harbor Campsites

There are three campsites here, A1, A2, and B1. Each campsite is capable of holding about four people, and there is a picnic table for each one. each of the sites are about the same here, so we aren’t breaking them up. Capacity: 4 campers per campsite.

Here is a beautiful shot looking west towards Campsite B1.

Video: Goat Harbor Diving

Check out this encounter with a Giant black sea bass!

This is a promotional video for Catalina Scuba Luv? See if you can hear what this guy is saying! Anyway – the video is great and shows all kinds of sea creatures that can be found here.

Goat Harbor Camping Map

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