Camping at Gibraltar Beach

Gibraltar Beach is yet another one of the unique boat in only campsites on Catalina Island, offering great opportunites for kayaking amongst the rock formations and sea caves to the west, snorkeling amongst the plentiful Garibaldi, swimming, and beach activities. Gibraltar beach is about 1 mile from Lava Wall Beach, and the area in between (west of your campsite) makes for spectacular kayaking, with many sea caves to explore.

In the photo above, Gibraltar Beach is to the right of the point, and Cabrillo (another boat in campsite) is to the left.

Gibraltar Beach is quite exposed to the NW, but during the summer months the waters are generally quite calm. In the winter you can expect more wind swell at this location. The camping area is just behind the beach, safely away from waves.

Harbor seals like to hang out here at the end of the beach, and Garibaldi are everywhere if you like to snorkel or dive. The coastline here is pristine and beautiful, making it a very special location.

Gibraltar Beach Campsites

There is one campsite here that can handle several tents, making this a good spot for a larger group traveling together. There is one picnic table. Capacity: 12 campers.

Gibraltar Beach Camping Map

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