Avalon Trolley Schedule and Route 2011

O.K. It’s almost hilarious just how hard it is to find information on the Avalon Trolley! Even once you are there, you may find yourself standing around wondering if it will ever come… if it even operates that day, etc. etc. The Avalon Trolley is elusive, to say the least. During the off-season (anything outside of June-July-August) it runs a limited schedule, some days not at all, so you can’t necessarily rely on it to get you up the Wrigley Memorial Botanical Gardens.

But never fear! Catalina Island Explorer is here with the 2011 Avalon Trolley schedule and route. Essentially, the Avalon Trolley runs from Pebbly Beach in the east, to Descanso Beach in the west. The trip is broken into two legs, Pebble Beach to the Wrigley Gardens, and then Wrigley Gardens to Descanso Beach and back. The entire route takes about an hour to complete. Each leg of the route costs $2 per person, or round trip is $4 if you prefer. You can purchase and all-day pass for $7.

During the summer months, first pick up at the boat landing is at 9am, then on the hour (roughly) until 5pm. During the Off-season, first pick up at the boat landing is at 10am. Last pickup at Descanso Beach is at 3:40pm, and Last pick up at the boat landing at 4pm. Remember, summer and off-season schedules are not the same – see below.

The trolley is great if you have small children, or if your walking isn’t so strong, or if you just feel like taking life reeeaaally slow! The 2 mile hike up to the Wrigley Gardens or the Catalina Golf Course can be tiring on a hot day for anyone, so the Trolley is a good alternative. From the boat landing, the trolley can take you right into town (normally a 5 minute walk) where you can get to your hotel without having to walk much further.

Remember that the trolley does not go through the walking mall portion of Crescent Ave., where all the shops and restaurants are located, just behind the Green Pleasure Pier.

2011 Avalon Trolley Schedule

Summer Schedule: June 15-Sept 15

Sun-Thurs: 9am-6pm
Fri-Sat: 9am-10pm

Off-Season Schedule: Sept 16-June 14

Fri-Sat: 9am-5pm
Cruise ship days, holidays, events: 10am-4pm

You can get in touch with the Catalina Island Trolley operators two ways. Call dispatch at (310) 510 0025 or call information at (310) 510 0342.

Avalon Trolley Route: Summer June 15-Sept 15

Avalon Trolley Route: Off-Season Sept 16-June 14