Catalina Island Packages

Catalina Island packages are the key to saving money on your visit to the island. The truth? Hotels are desperate to get your business, and they bundle all kinds of fun activities into their offers to try and get your business. So, if you are planning to golf, dive. zip line, play mini golf, take and inland tour… whatever… You gotta bundle your accommodations, ferry ticket, and chosen activity. It’s a great way to save money, and this website is all about SAVING MONEY!!!

So, the task of presenting all of the various bundle offers is nothing short of monumental. Hotels and tour companies have created a dizzying number of different packages, and it can get hard to make sense of it all. What we are going to do, is bundle according to activity, since that’s what Catalina is all about, and let you decide from there.

Cataina Island Dive Package

There are a few reasons to bundle go for a Catalina dive package. First, any of the packages will combine transportation to the island, plus baggage service to the boat and ferry. Second, Choosing a bundle takes all of the planning off your hands. Thirdly, you save money when you bundle your trip.

There are a number of “dive-friendly” hotels on the island, including the Hotel Atwater, Banning House Lodge, La Paloma and Las Flores, Pavilion Lodge, and the Seaport Village Inn. All of the above offer baggage service, gear storage, and a dedicated wash down area. More on Catalina Island Dive Packages →

Cataina Island Golf Package

Cataina Island Zip Line Package

More coming soon.. we are working on this page…