Catalina Island Nightlife

When the sun goes down on Catalina Island, the streets com alive! The town of Avalon is where you want to be if you’re interested in bars & pubs, restaurants, dancing, live music, movies in the 1920′s Art Deco Casino theater, karaoke, and more… Also, a couple surprises for you you probably don’t know about!

Most of the action takes place right along Crescent Avenue, or within a block. Enjoy drinks with friends in one of the many bars and pubs, and if you can muster the courage, grab the mic at the El Galleon and become an instant karoake rock star. Bars, pubs, and nightclubs are open until 2am. The Casino also offers nightly movies if you’re looking for something low key. Keep reading and find out about the places that keep Catalina exciting after sundown.

Bars and Pubs

El Galleon Restaurant and Lounge

El Galleon has been party central since 1967. Known for its lively atmosphere and nightly karaoke, it’s the place to be if you like to party. The food here is actually pretty good too, and they have a big selection of appetizers. Happy hour is from 3-6 daily, and karaoke goes from the afternoon into the wee hours. If you are looking for late night eats in your hotel room, they also deliver. El Galleon is located 411 Crescent Ave. Call (310) 510 1188.

The Marlin Club

Restored to its original 1946 decor, the Marlin Club is a favorite local watering hole, and a destination for visitors to the island. Boasting the title of “The Oldest Bar in Town”, it’s one you don’t want to miss. Locals affectionately refer to it as the place “where the young surrender and the old grow tender”. Open daily until 2am. Located at 108 Catalina Avenue. Call (310) 510 0044.

Chi Chi Club

The Chi Chi Club features DJ’s and live bands regularly, pool tables and kitchen. Book their VIP lounge for private parties and groups. Opnedaily until 2am. Located at 105 Summer Avenue. Call (310) 510 9211.

Luau Larry’s

Luau Larry’s has been a favorite water hole and dance club for years. Try the house beer – Garibaldi Lager, or their famous Wicky Wacker. Luaua Larry’s offers a fun tropical atmosphere, live music and dancing. Located at 509 Crescent Avenue. Call (310) 510 1919.

Live Music

On any given night you can find local acts as well as visiting bands in any of the pubs, bars, or nightclubs. Every year, Catalina becomes a haven for Jazz musicians and jazz lovers for the annual Jazz Trax festival on Catalina Island.

Jazz Trax – Catalina Island Jazz Festival

For the last 20 years, jazz lovers from Southern California and beyond have made the pilgrimage to Catalina Island for Jazz Trax. The festival is made up of many artists performing at venues all over Avalon. The headline shows are at the historic Catalina Casino in the grand ballroom. If you love jazz, it’s a must-do event. Visit or call (760) 323 5770 from more information and to see this years lineup.

Nighttime Tours on Catalina Island

Ghost Tours of Catalina

The Ghost Tour of Catalina takes place during the afternoons or late evening. Find out just how haunted Catalina really is! The tour takes you to the very burial grounds that Catalina was built on top of. Learn about famous ghost sightings, unsolved paranormal mysteries, and scandalous tales. The tour now features actual ghost hunting equipment. Call (310) 502 6131 for more details and to book your tour.

Flying Fish Boat Tours

Departing at 8:45pm, the fully restored 64 foot wooden vessel the Blanche W has been taking passengers to witness this incredible phenomenon since 1924. Spotlighting the waters surface with its 40-million candlepower WWI searchlight encourages the flying fish to go airborne, a truly unique spectacle. The tour itself takes 50 minutes roundtrip and departs from the Green Pleasure Pier. Call (310) 510 TOUR for more information and to make reservations.

Astronomy Paddle Kayak Excursion

This is tour is operated by Descanso Beach Ocean Sports & Catalina Island Kayak Expeditions. Learn about stars, constellations, mythology, planets, and maybe even meet a flying fish or three. This guided kayak tour takes you down the coast, away from the lights of Avalon, to see the clear night sky. Guided by Kathleen Zill Heller, an avid kayaker and amateur astronomer, it’s a one of a kind adventure you will remember for a lifetime. The Astronomy Paddle leaves from Descano Beach, just past the Casino building.

Available year round, weather permitting. Departure times vary according to time of year and sundown. Cloudy skies may force cancellation of the trip last minute. Cost is $72/per person. This is tour is available by reservation only, call (310) 510 1226 for information and reservations or visit