Catalina Island Motor Boats and Pedal Boats

Renting a motor boat is a really exciting way to explore the lee coast of Catalina, and experience the freedom of the open ocean. Boat rentals on Catalina are relatively cheap when compared to other activities. For example, if you have a family of 6, semi-submersible tickets can cost more than $250. Renting a motor boat is about $60/hr, and frankly, just as much if not more fun.

When you rent a boat you will get instructions on how to operate the outboard motor, and the rental place will explain how far you are allowed to go, and a few other rules. Basically, you get a 10 mile range, 4.5 miles to right as you leave Avalon Harbor, and 6 miles to the left. The trip to Long Point beach (left boundary) takes about 50 minutes round trip, so, its a good way to go. If you go right out of the harbor, you head towards lovers cove, the rock quarry, and road construction, and the scenery isn’t as nice. Here’s a link to see a map of the boundaries for rental motor boats.

From the boat you can snorkel (ladder can be provided), fish, watch for dolphins and whales, study the coastline while you search for sea lions and bald eagles, or just plain zip around and enjoy the freedom of the open water. One of the few rules is that you may not land the boat, and must maintain a safe distance from shore of 100 yards.

There’s just one game in town for motor boat rentals on Catalina, and that is our friends Joe’s Rent-a-boat. If you read through this site, their name comes up a lot. In addition to renting motorboats, they can supply fishing gear, snorkeling equipment, and much more.

Catalina Island Boat Rental

Joe’s Rent-a-Boat

You’ve got one choice if you want to rent a small motor boat on Catalina Island by the hour, and it’s a good one. Joe’s Rent-a-Boat is one of the original Catalina Island businesses, family owned and operated since 1920. Open Daily, April through October.

You can rent either a 15hp or 20hp boat for $55/hr or $65/hr respectively. Passenger limit is 6 persons, so larger groups need to rent a second boat. Price breaks are at 4hrs and 8hrs if you plan to keep your boat for a longer period. If you have a pet with you, no worries! Joe’s is a pet-friendly business and your pooch can travel with you in the boat. They are handicap friendly as well, and their is a ramp down to the wharf to access the boats easily.

Located right on the famous Green Pleasure Pier (on your left as walk out). Visit for more information on renting motor boats on Catalina Island or call (310) 510 0455.

Catalina Island Pedal Boat Rentals

Joe’s Rent-a-Boat

Joe’s Rent-a-Boat again with another fun activity – pedal boats! If the motor boat is a bit much for you, pedal boats might be your speed. Great for young kids who aren’t old enough yet to drive a motor boat. Pedal boats are limited to Avalon Harbor, which is a perfect area to explore. You can pedal amongst the yachts and sailboats, see fish below the surface, and splash your friends. Pedal boats are $15/hr.

Joe’s Rent-a-Boat is located right on the famous Green Pleasure Pier (on your left as walk out). Open Daily, April through October. Visit for more info on pedal boats or call (310) 510 0455.