Catalina Island Horseback Riding, Trail Rides, Tours (Closed For Good)

Horseback Riding on Catalina Island is a favorite activity for visitors to the island and has been for as long as Catalina has been a vacation destination. For outdoors people or animal people there is no better way to explore Catalina’s beauty. The trails take you to vantage points with sweeping views of the island, out to sea, and back to the mainland. You get to meander through lush, overgrown paths as they wind through the canyons, taking in the nature all around you. It’s a great activity for kids, honeymooners, families, or anyone who enjoys animals and the outdoors.


Unfortunately, this page is somewhat of an obituary for the historic, and well loved Catalina Stables, located at 600 Avalon Canyon Road. Sometime back in 2008, the stables were closed as the structures were deemed to be ‘unsafe’, and the grounds prone to flooding and mudslides in their current condition. Developers on the island proposed expanding the famous Catalina golf course to accommodate 18 holes, which hasn’t happened as of August 2011.

As of August 2011 – there are no places that offer horseback riding tours on the island in Avalon or Two Harbors.

The loss of the stables has been an upsetting event for residents of the island, who rallied hard against the proposed demolition and development. While some say that islanders resist change a little to fervently, the overwhelming feeling is that the Catalina Stables represented a piece of Catalina History, which is what makes the island a wonderful place to visit. For anyone who ever enjoyed a trail ride, the Catalina Stables was truly an iconic building from a time when life was simpler.

Catalina Stables manager Rusty Connolly is featured in this video.