Catalina Island Golf Carts

Electric golf carts are the preferred mode of transportation on Catalina Island. Because vehicular traffic is so highly restricted on the island, residents of Avalon use them instead of cars, affectionately referring to them as “golf cars”. Hang around Avalon for a few hours and you will see some funky golf cart conversions… it’s pretty hilarious what some of the residents have done to their carts, and is a further demonstration of the playful spirit of the people there.

I have to say that the golf carts give the town of Avalon a real unique flavor and character, especially when you arrive from the California mainland, which is dominated by huge SUV’s, freeways, and gridlock. The streets of Avalon could not feel more different; carts cruise quietly along, stopping often for pedestrians, cyclists, horses, and friendly chats with neighbors, and the absence of cars is missed by no one.

Renting golf carts on Catalina Island is a favorite activity for visitors, and a reasonably good way to tour the streets of Avalon. It is one of the more expensive things to do on the island, so kudos for reading this page and doing a bit of research beforehand (see prices below). If you plan to make the 2 mile uphill trip up to the Wrigley Memorial Gardens, a golf cart makes it a snap. Of course you don’t need a golf cart to get around, walking or renting a bike is equally as good, but it is a fun way to go. If your mobility isn’t what it used to be, or for handicapped persons, it can make a lot of sense to rent a golf cart for part of a day in order to see some of the less accessible sights.

As with anything fun, there are restrictions. Most importantly, you must be 25 years of age to drive, and you must be covered by your own auto insurance. Some of the golf cart rentals on Catalina require a deposit of about $50 at the time of rental, which is deducted from your final payment upon returning the cart. If you have small children, state law requires children under age 6 or less than 60 pounds be in a child car seat. But don;’t worry, Catalina golf cart rental outfits can supply these at no extra charge.

Catalina Island Golf Cart Rental Places

Catalina Island Golf Cart Rental

Open year round and boasting the largest selection of golf carts on the island, Catalina Island Golf Carts is an easy choice. Choose from 4 passenger or 6 passenger golf carts. 4 passenger golf carts are $80/hr, and 6 passenger golf carts are $120/hr. We recommend that you call ahead and make reservations, or if you plan to book online, do it a week in advance to ensure you will get the time and cart of your choice. Holidays weekends and peak travel times mean that things on the island book up quickly, so plan accordingly.

Catalina Island Golf Carts has two locations in Avalon to serve you: Catalina Auto and Bike Rentals Located at the intersection of at Crescent Ave. & Metropole Ave. – (310) 510 0111, and Cartopia – (310) 510 2493 – at the intersection Pebbly Beach Rd. & Crescent ave. Visit to book online, or call (310) 510 0111 or (310) 510 1600.

Island Rentals

Open for business year-round, Island Rentals has a well maintained fleet of gas-powered Yamaha golf carts. Some argue that the gas powered carts have a bit more oomph! but you have to weigh out the gas vs. electric thing in your mind and decide for yourself. We recommend calling ahead to book your golf cart, especially during peak travel times. Island Rentals is easy to find; as you walk into town from the boat landing, they are right there on your left.

Island Rentals is located at 125 Pebbly Beach Road, directly under the historic Holly Hill House. Call (310) 510 1456 to book your golf cart in advance.