Catalina Island Dive Packages

There are a few reasons to bundle go for a Catalina dive package. First, any of the packages will combine transportation to the island, plus baggage service to the boat and ferry. Second, Choosing a bundle takes all of the planning off your hands. Thirdly, you save money when you bundle your trip.

There are a number of “dive-friendly” hotels on the island, including the Hotel Atwater, Banning House Lodge, La Paloma and Las Flores, Pavilion Lodge, and the Seaport Village Inn. All of the above offer baggage service, gear storage, and a dedicated wash down area.

Pricing from many of the companies vary according to season, and also holiday pricing may not be the same, so we urge you to call in advance and plan your trip accordingly.

A typical dive package will get you one day of boat diving, and a half day of shore diving, usually at the Casino Point dive park. While the boat dive locations vary, the Casino Point dives are all similar. It’s actually a great location with several small shipwrecks, tons of marine life, and easy access.

Pavilion Lodge Dive Package Deals to Catalina Island

The Pavilion Lodge is a great choice. One phone is all you need to arrange your cross-channel boat, accommodations, and diving. Their typical dive package includes Boat Diving on either the King Neptune or Prince Neptune, and Casino Point Shore Diving at Avalon’s Underwater Dive Park. It’s a great way to bundle everything and have all the logistics taken care of for you, including baggage service to your boat. For more info and reservations call: (800) 626 1496.

The SCUBA CAT boat dive package

Catalina Divers Supply & Dive Shop offers their package deal called the the “SCUBA CAT Boat Dive Package”. The package includes round-trip ferry from any of the locations in Marina del Rey, San Pedro, Long Beach, or Newport Beach, hotel stay, one day boat dive, and air fill & weight coupon. Call Catalina Divers Supply & Dive Shop at (310) 510 0330 for more information.

Scuba Luv Dive Packages

Scuba Luv is has been a family owned and operated business since 1984, so they know the Catalina water very well, and are used to accommodating your needs. They have a whole slew of different dive packages including shore dives, boat dives, and specialty dives like night dives. They also offer Dragers and rebreather dives, videography, nitrox, lobster dives, shark dives and more.

Scuba Luv Dive Packages range from about $270 up to $900 for their most deluxe package. Peak season (summer months) add about $50 to the price on average. So for example, their “Sculpin Package” offers roudtrip transportation, two night of hotel, two days of boat diving, one night of boat diving, and gear transportation for $488 (low season). In the high season the same package is $543. Call (310) 510 2350 for more info and to book your trip.

Casino Point Dive Park

As mentioned at the top of the page, the Casino Point Dive Park is a diverse and exciting dive that is a part of most dive packages. The area is closed to boats so it’s safe from boat traffic Don’t let the proximity to shore fool you – there is a lot to see including small shipwrecks, a mini underwater wall, and all manner of sea life.