Catalina Island Cycling and Mountain Biking

Cycling or mountain biking is a great way to see Catalina Island. Essentially, there are two ways people generally do it. 1. Rent a bike and cruise the streets of Avalon, then all the way up to the summit (Wrigley Gardens) 2 miles straight uphill above town, or 2. Head inland and challenge the trails. Either way, you get to see Catalina at a nice easy cruising pace, with time enough to appreciate the subtleties of the town and the inland areas.

If you plan to bring your own bike over from the mainland – no problemo. The ferry charges about $6, but we recommend that you notify the ferry company when you purchase your ticket. Once on the island, You can also take your bike on the Safari Bus for a fee of $5.

On this page we are going to tell you what you need to know in order to rent bikes in Avalon, or head inland to chew up the trails. We will explain the regulations and permits required to mountain biking in the interior, and also tell you where you can rent strollers, tandems, wheelchairs, and more.

Catalina Island Bike Rentals

Renting bikes on Catalina Island is easy. ‘Nuff said. There really is no need to reserve bikes in advance, unless perhaps your visit spans a big holiday weekend or something. The first bike rental place you will encounter as you walk from the ferry into town is Brown’s Bike’s right on the left – you can’t miss it.

Brown’s Bikes

I’ve rented beach cruisers here. Very friendly, and you will get a map and a little local knowledge to help you figure out the best parts of town to visit. Here you can rent tandems, kid’s bikes, strollers, and wheelchairs by the hour or by the day. One tip – make sure you have your seat adjusted for your height before you take off! Your Catalina bike map and helmet is included. Located at 107 Pebbly Beach Road. Visit or call (310) 510 0986.

Catalina Auto & Bike Rental

This place is the single biggest golf cart rental place on the island, but they also rent mountain bikes and beach cruisers by the hour or by the day. Helmet is included with your rental. Located at 301 Crescent Avenue. Call (310) 510 0111.

Catalina Electric Bike Rentals

Jam it through town on a pedal assisted electric bike! If you just feel like cruising, and not dealing with pedaling your guts out on the hills, this is the way to go. Electric bikes are fairly new to Catalina Island, but it’s already extremely popular. Located at 101 Pebbly Beach Road. Call (310) 510 2221.

Catalina Island Bike Tours

Catalina Island Electric Bike Tours

Experience Avalon on a guided tour through city streets, stopping at historic landmarks, while you learn about Catalina’s unique history, ecology, and more. Climb hillsides to reveal breathtaking views, and just have fun zipping along! Visit or call (310) 510 2221 for more information and for reservations.

Bike Catalina

Explore the inland on a personal guided bike tour. Biking the Catalina inland areas does require a permit, and you must have knobby tires and a helmet. Joining the guided tour makes planning easy, and makes sure you won’t miss the best views and trails. Tour groups meet at the Island Tour Plaza, then take the Airport in the Sky shuttle to begin the tour. Call (310) 913 2249 from more information and for reservations.

Catalina Island Mountain Biking

The inland trails through Catalina Island are awesome. If you are after the adrenalin rush, or just love nature and want to get away from it all, it’s a great bike trip. You do need to do a little planning however. In this section we will explain the requirements, permits, and regulations for mountain biking on Catalina Island.

You can either bring your mountain bike from the mainland, or rent one on the island. When you purchase your ferry ticket, you will have the option to pay the extra $6 for your bike.

The trails through the inland areas of Catalina are quite extensive. A favorite trail ride is to start in Avalon and go to Two Harbors and back. Check out our Catalina Island Bike Map to see all of the designated bike trails. Views of the island, back towards the mainland, and out into the Pacific are nothing short of breathtaking.

Catalina Inland Mountain Bike Permits

You need a permit to access the inland areas for mountain biking, but don’t fret, getting one is easy. You simply need to join the Catalina Island Conservancy and pay a membership fee of $35/yr. You can purchase your permit in any of the three following places: 1. Catalina Island Conservancy Office, located at 125 Clarissa Ave, open from 8:30am-4:30pm daily (closed for lunch). 2. Airport in the Sky, call (310) 510 0143. 3. Two Harbors Visitors Services, call (310) 510 4205.

Due to the ruggedness of the inland trails, you must wear a helmet which meets the safety standards of either the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or Snell Memorial Foundation. Knobby tires are also required.

Catalina Island Bike Map Showing Permitted Bike Trails

Catalina Island Bike Map Showing Permitted Bike Trails

Click here to download the full size version Catalina Island Bike Map.